Old And In Quarantine

I am in quarantine. My family ordered it. With my consent. They want to take care of me. They think I am worth it. That moves me. And I am content.

I stay in my little house on our island and wait. I do not know for sure for what?

For something to come – or something to pass? We will see.

It reminds me of a story from our history. From the time of “The Black Death”. A farmer had a daughter whom he loved very much. He shut her up in his storehouse with what she needed for her survival. She stayed there alone while she waited for the pest to pass. When someone found her and let her out, her whole family was gone. I wonder- what did she feel?

But she could start anew. Her fathers family could go on. But a great-grandma? Just sorrows. But that will not be – they say- because this coronavirus is easy with the young ones. They dwell with the old. Why?

By the way- I never thought it were something to worry about. At school we used to sing a song before we left. We stood there with our schoolbags – ready for freedom and play. And we sang joyfully the last words: “and then I die in God`s good time in the name of Jesus.” Everything was cared for. The setting was safe. But everything was open. Why not the same now?

So here I am sitting – like the Virgin in the storehouse, while good people bring me what I need. I have so much to do. I must make my priorities. I must cut down on my listening to the news. Rather use the TV as a window to nature and life of animals and common people. Tv has many worthy programs if we find them. I am a grateful consumer.

But what I like best, is when I get greetings via mail or SMS. With pictures. Once suddenly baby Tormod laughed on the screen so I began to laugh myself. And the brand-new one that I have not met yet, she was there today in 3 versions. I can just dream what she will become like. I will never see it myself. But I am so glad to know she exists. What a gift to live so long, and get so much. I never expected all that much.

Here in my living-room I can see close pictures of stars and planets I did not know existed. Reality is growing. I always was interested in the universe. What is really going on out there? We can just imagine.

I am much better off than the Virgin in the storehouse. I am happy that I am not in her place. I feel surrounded by family. My daughter and my sisters who live in Oslo-region, keep contact via mail and phone. My grandchildren remember me. My daughter-in-law sends me snacks from her kitchen. I am
alone, but not lonesome.

My son is the one who visits me. For practical reasons. Visits must be few. But it is good to see persons “live”. We keep distance and wash hands. And talk a bit around the situation. Wondering together.

My husband worked his whole life in “The civil-defense-department”. They planned for all sorts of scenarios. I think he would have appreciated the way the government and the people have met this situation. We have become wealthy and a bit spoiled. That is true. But yet we can give and help others when needed. We may see this as a test for what we can do when crises are coming. It is an exercise. Experience is important.

It is something positive in all this. It may make us ready to handle the bigger challenge of our time – the climate-crises. And in fact – our dispositions now- have already given us fresher air and less CO2 in the atmosphere. Maybe this will be the great turn-around for our climate as well as for our willingness and ability to cooperate. We may always hope!

Maybe we also will be kinder and more helpful? Just now my granddaughter knocked at my door bringing me food from her dinner and a bag with something to cheer me up. It is a special and moving experience to be a “grandma in quarantine”. I feel so cared for.

Our King is also in quarantine. King Harald was born when I was a schoolgirl. I said to myself: “He will be my King when I am old”. And so, he is. And now we are in quarantine the two of us. Simultaneously.

I write this as a greeting to other old persons who are in the same situation. We may think of each other. “Have a great” quarantine-time!” Best wishes from Great grandma.


En kommentar om “Old And In Quarantine

  1. Lena Beiring sier:

    Your are really a wise old lady!
    Greetings from another lady in quarantine who thinks of you. 💕

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